Sid Roth Welcomes Francis and Charles Hunter

Published: 19th August 2009
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SID : Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. My name is Sid Roth and I'm with Francis Hunter, and Francis, you made a statement at dinner and you revealed that if Charles and Francis Hunter can have miracles occur, anyone can, did you mean that or were you just being flippant?
FRANCIS : No, I meant that with my body, my heart and my soul because that's what Jesus declared, he claimed that each believer would lay hands on the sick and they might recover.
SID : Listen, we are going to go to a clip in a second and I saw one that was in the Vietnam War, they lost their hip, they lost their shoulder blade, I mean they were a mess. Now, that is's just for the super stars to wish for, it's not for just
SID : No?
FRANCIS : No, that is's for everybody to wish, it's for everybody as long, I mean so long as you are just full of the meaning of God, and you are hungry and you believe that God can use you, God can use anybody.
SID : O.K, lets have a look at anyone being utilized by God right now with this Vietnam Veteran.
MAN : I don't have a shoulder blade.
CHARLES : are you wanting one?
MAN : Yes sir.
CHARLES : OK, hallelujah, they're free tonight.
MAN : While we're at it, can I go on and have my hip back?
CHARLES : Sure, what happened to you hip?
MAN : I was blown up in Vietnam and I got a synthetic hip.
CHARLES : You heard that letter Francis read. You would like a new one?
MAN : Unhuh.
CHARLES : you got any metal in there?
MAN : Steel ball joint and plastic cup.
CHARLES : Steel ball joint and plastic. You ready?
MAN : 3 disks are ruptured, bone on bone.
CHARLES : In the lower back ; or where?
MAN : Lower back.
MAN : My wife was healed Thu. night, so I know God can do it.
CHARLES : thanks Jesus.
CHARLES : You had to wait two more days. Okay here we go.
MAN : It's my time.
CHARLES : It's your time now, OK. Now in the Name of Jesus, I take authority over that hip, I command a creative miracle ; I command new hipbones, a whole new hip socket, I command all that metal and plastic to come out and a new one go in place with all the blood, al the normal fluid, in the Name of Jesus, be healed. Now I command that lower back to be revived, I command three new disks ; all you ruptured disks, you be made new now in the Name of Jesus. Now in Jesus Name I command that sacrum to go into position, be healed, I command any crushing in that hip, in the hip joint, in the pelvic area, you be healed, go into place, be released in the Name of Jesus, I command his higher vertebrae to be revived, the disks to be revived, go into place, release all the nerves down into these arms in Jesus Name, by the power of the Holy Spirit, relax your neck, now in the Name of Jesus I call into being that which isn't, I call into being a new shoulder blade in the Name of Jesus, now! Try the parts of your body and see what has happened to the pain.
MAN : thanks Jesus.
CHARLES : Give them a good, put it all the way up there
MAN : he is's reaching it from the back here Charles, look!
CHARLES : Could you reach that way before?
MAN : Un-uh, un-uh, no, if i wanted to bathe my back my wife did.
CHARLES : Now you can do it, you can wash her back. Jesus declared wash my feet, now he's going to wash his own back, OK, try that arm, anything you would like to do, it is common. O.K let's do the hip.

About Sid Roth

Sid Roth's desire is for all folk to know Jesus. His God-ordained strategy is to go to the Jew first. He has discovered that platforming God's miracles is the best method available for reaching Jewish folks with the gospel. That is why he started It's Supernatural! TV over 10 years back.

It's Supernatural! Deals with subjects that most keep away from in this seeker-sensitive age. It emphasizes the supernatural perspective that the temporal networks do not understand. And at the end of each program, Sid tells the spectators how they can have intimacy with God.

Currently the ministry records many shows in advance. Future plans include manufacturing one top quality television show per week in front of a studio audience and broadcasting it live. Imagine watching the show and hearing live commentary on Middle East auspicious events as they are happening!

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